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The rational explanation of a myth?

In his last book Sylvain Tristan upholds a new theory: Atlantis would have been the very first European empire, nearly seven millennia before the modern European Union.

Don’t get him wrong – of course the term empire should not be understood in its modern sense. The Megalithic empire was probably not conquered with wars waged by a megalomaniac ruler. It rather looks like a people managing to spread its ideas and knowledge throughout the coastline of Europe, on its islands – big ones and small ones alike   and in some cases inland.

Based on a detailed study of the myth told by Plato and also other Greek authors such as Diodorus Siculus, combined with an analysis of Nordic mythology, Tristan traced a badly-known civilisation and yet perfectly historical, that of the Megalithic people – talented people able to sail round the globe and raise huge stones who were also fine astronomers and accomplished geometricians. Incredibly enough, there is little doubt they influenced other civilisations far beyond Europe.

Myths of sages coming from the sea heard nearly worldwide, remains or engravings of high-prowed boats found from Lake Titicaca in the Andes to Egypt through Scandinavia, great civilisations that, be it in Mesopotamia, Greece or Central America, have risen on the course of meridians and parallels of a clever 366-degree geometry   everything shows the Megalithic civilisation not only thrived on the European continent for several millennia, but also that it influenced other civilisations considerably and sowed the seeds of the modern world.

Did this very first confederation truly exist in the remote past well before Homer ? Can the island of Atlantis be rationally explained through a real archaeological event somewhere in Europe attested by scientists? And who, probably in the Middle East, was clever enough to devise this incredible 366-degree geometry that could reconcile the concepts of time and space by unifying them?

For the first time, a book gives satisfying answers to these questions. Far from the absurd, fantastic and far-fetched theories, the myth of Atlantis finds both a logical and rational explanation, while revealing secrets even more incredible than Plato, in his thirst for exaggerations of all kinds, was far from imagining.

“Sylvain Tristan tries to tie up diversified archaeological data about Atlantis so as to demonstrate its existence and the consequences this continent might have had on civilisations worldwide that emerged thereafter” Acropolis

“An amazing demonstration” Sacrée Planète Magazine

“This is the second book by the Sylvain Tristan, the author from Savoy… who still displays the same and unshakeable obsession – to see through the secrets of history” Le Dauphiné Libéré

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