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Welcome to the Golden Lines website. This site is dedicated to Alan Butler, the rediscoverer of 366-degree geometry.

The Golden Thread through the Tapestry of Time. This poetic phrase is that of my British colleague and friend Alan Butler. This golden thread he has traced goes back deep into the past and has run through millennia of history, sowing the seeds of the world we live in today. Butler's research, that I continued in the past few years, unambiguously shows that history didn't unfold at random, since every single great civilization before Rome bears the fingerprint of a unique astronomical and geometrical knowledge invented more than 5,000 years ago and that may have survived through generation-to-generation transmission for millennia.

The discovery of an ancient system of measurement that reconciles space and time, and perhaps even the Earth's mass, based on a 366-degree circle geometry; clues going back to the dawn of time showing the existence of bold, skilful sailors; a system of geographic coordinates devised millennia before our time; sacred locations scattered across the globe and linked to each other with solid mathematics; sites and cities built on the lines directly derived from 366-degree geometry; knowledge that was passed down without ever getting completely lost ... In other words, a highly advanced science - so advanced that our own modern mass and measurement system is far from equalling the sheer beauty of that of our bright ancestors: these are some of the amazing themes that will be dealt with in this website.

Sortie nationale Juin 2005
First published in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada in June 2005
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Stonehenge, Salt Line location in Britain

The Parthenon in the Salt Line location of Athens, Greece

Téotihuacan, Salt Line location, Mexico

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