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Salt Line Locations

Here are a few examples of prestigious historical sites that are also Salt Line locations.

As pointed out earlier, they can be found virtually worldwide – in Britain, France, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, the Indus Valley, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. Though it by no means implies that the Megalithic people themselves devised 366-degree geometry (there is some evidence it could have been invented in the Middle East), it appears that the Megalithic people made extensive use of this geometry, both in their lands in north-western Europe and in remote places such as Asia, Africa or the Americas, as though they had participated in the rise of the world’s first great civilisations.

Ring of Brodgar, Salt Line location in Orkney, Scotland

Tiwanaku, Salt Line location in the Andes

Chichen Itza, Salt Line location in Mexico

Babylon, Salt Line location in Mesopotamia

Abu Simbel, Salt Line location in Egypt

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